Name of Security and Intelligence Service Changed to General Intelligence Service


Khartoum – According to the Constitutional Decree No. (33) for the year 2019, called the Miscellaneous Amendments Act of 2019, which was issued under the signature of the Lt. Gen. Abdul-Fattah Burhan Abdul Rahman, the Chairman of the Transitional Military Council, the name of the National Security and Intelligence Service was amended to be the General Intelligence Service.
The amendment included a number of articles in the law of the service for the year 2010.
The General Director of the General Intelligence Service, Gen. Abu-Bakr Dambalab, affirmed that the amendment stipulated in the constitutional decree came in the context of structuring the organ and keeping pace with the political change taking place in the country.
He said that the service is changing its name to become more professional and to participate in protecting the country and safeguarding its national security under the extremely complicated threats facing the region.

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