Economic Vision: What is Next?

On Saturday morning Sudanese people celebrated, as media announced that, the Transitional Military Council TMC and the Forces of Freedom and Change FFC has signed an agreement to run the transitional period, the two parts demanded for acceleration of the political process, that started immediately following the collapse of Al Bashir regime in last April.
The deterioration of the economic situation is the major reason behind the revolution and change, now the power has been handed to new leaders, and the feature of power is a partnership between the two influenced parts, TMC and FFC.
The economic status is very weak, the upcoming government will inherit a heavy burden, it required to to remove barriers that set by the previous regime, such as corruption, breaking laws, injustice, inequality, unfairness and lack of transparency.
The revolutionists were adopted an attractive slogans, Freedom, Peace and Justice, these three pillars considered as main pillars of the modern state, but how to translate the slogans into action, is a big challenge. I think it takes time to achieve a big change.
The new civilian government, may surprised by the intersections of interests, that practiced by biggest countries, the regional and international dimensions, represent an important element, Sudan still kept by US on the list of countries that sponsoring terrorism, Sudan economy will not survive without normal ties with the world financial and monetary institutions, US administration has set new conditions to remove Sudan from the list of terrorists.
This issue affects Sudan economic activity and trade movement, also it hinders the investment, and this means that, removing Sudan from the US list must be the first step towards Sudan US relations, and top agenda to the ministry of foreign affairs.
The next step is to utilize the national resources and to return the stolen money, according to media reports that more than US$ 60 billion is the volume of Sudan contribution to investment abroad.
Domestically, the top leaders of the ousted regime must subject to justice and accountability to restore the abused public fund.

Mohamed Abdalla

Economic Vision
Mohamed Abdalla
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