TMC and FFC Agreement Step toward Economic Stability

Neimat al Naiem

Khartoum-The Political agreement signed between the Transitional Military Council TMC and the Forces for Freedom and Change FFC on 17th July 2019 as a step towards signing the final agreement of the constitutional declaration on 4th August 2019 .
Sudan Vision conducted interviews randomly with Sudanese people to express different views on this historic signing of the agreement between the partners the TMC and the FFC, Ibrahim Magzoub Al Haj, ministry of Oil, despite it came late this agreement is considered an excellent step. The most important is the era after the signing. We need to organize our priorities, to stop the declining of the economy, reducing the expenditure.
The mass media TVs, Radios FM, Press and the Electronic media have an effective role to play in raising awareness, to inform with rights and duties. It is important to benefit from the former experiences politically, economically, culturally and even socially. According to Ibrahim, it is important to read our history correctly, without ignoring the cultural heritage.
During the former government civil administration was completely ignored that resulted in the insecurity in some areas of Sudan. It is necessary to set up plans to come out from the bottle neck from the current economic crisis, the peace and stability.
Regarding to the external relations, it should be balanced with all countries to concern with the interests of Sudan. It is high time to benefit from the qualified Sudanese expatriates abroad who are being working at international organizations and at different distinctive positions. It is important to benefit from their financial and professionalism in different specializations worldwide.
Peace is at the top list of priorities, improving economy and forming an emergency plan for reform.Signing of this agreement is considered a step towards economic stability as well as political.
Dr. Pharmacist Shadia Abdallah at the ministry of Oil, we shed tears when the partners signed the agreement. We welcomed this agreement hoping that the upcoming government should adopt transference and credibility. It is important to address the main obstacles and problems facing the Sudanese people. We believe that the first thing to stick on is the patience for the coming era.
We must solve our internal problems including improving as one of the top priorities education, health, before that peace and security ,then improve Sudan external relations in the region and at the international level. It is important to raise awareness with what is actually needed, the rights and duties.
Bian Ahmed Mohamed Salih, ministry of Oil, the agreement between the TMC and the FFC came late, after killings of many people who had been lost during the sit-in and the demonstrations since April 2019 .We lost distinctive youth during the demonstrations and the youth revolution. Regard to the agreement self, it is important to give the content of the agreement to every single person in Sudan and abroad in order to know the details. It is one of their rights. It is necessary to know all articles of the agreement.
To set up clear plans, policies and strategies for the coming government is one the priorities. These plans are important for development in all fields including oil, health. Infrastructure needs to be rehabilitated .It is important to fix the prices, to reduce taxis , organizing Zakat collection , provide support and aid to the poor families .

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