Wake-up Call: Withdrawal of the Communist Party

The Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) is the oldest political party in Sudan. Founded in the early forties of last century, it played a pivotal role in the independence of Sudan from the British-Egyptian colonization (the Condominium Rule). They were the first party to work for independence by their well calculated plans of popular awareness. Their targets were the educated middle class, the workers and farmers. Their tools for awareness were clandestine meetings and confined discussions. By this they were the sole target of the British intelligence and arrests. By this awareness the graduates started working for independence. They proved to be well organized led by strong smart members of the Central Committee (C.C.) of the party. They always subject their forward steps to deep studies from members assigned by the C.C. They were far-sighted. The party membership was never large due to the deeply rooted Islamic beliefs of the majority of the Sudanese population who were strong believers that communism is against Islam and all religions.
After the October 1964 uprising which overthrown the military rule of General Abboud (1958 – 1964). October revolution was triggered by the killing of a student of University of Khartoum by police when dispersing a rally and debate about the conflict of South Sudan.
In 1965 a Round Table Conference was held to resolve the South Sudan conflict. All parties except the SCP stood against any form of new governance in the South including federal. The SCP presented a paper prepared by its scholar member Joseph Garang (Garang was executed in 1971 by Nimeiri regime after the failure of the SCP coup of July 1971). In that paper the SCP proposed a confederal system in a united Sudan. It was completely rejected by all Northern Sudan parties which ended the conference in failure and disarray. Since that time, 1965, to date, the developments of Sudan proved that the SCP insight was and is deep and correct. Since 1965 all the regimes which ruled Sudan opted for military solutions resulting in millions of deaths, injuries and displacement in the Southern region till it reached in 2005 a self-governance in South Sudan as a result of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) of Jan. 2005. The interim period of the CPA implementation (6 years) was the best and ideal era in the history of Sudan – war stopped, oil exported, surplus in balance of trade, security, safety and development in both parts of Sudan prevailed. This was exactly the essence of the SCP paper presented in the Round Table Conference of 1965.
Now the SCP withdrew from the negotiations between the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) and rejected the Constitutional Declaration signed on August 4, 2019. The SCP believes that the declaration does not cover all the demands of the FFC, especially the eradication of all of the relics of the ousted regime which they considered will led to instability in a fragile system, especially in the first 21 months under the presidency of the Military Council. They believe that the declaration is full of equivocal and ambiguous articles which will allow the TMC to protect the relics of the ousted regime. We hope this time the SCP stance will not portend a new uprising.
However, the withdrawal of the SCP will have a positive side-effect to the FFC by depriving the opposing Islamic parties and Islamic groups of wielding their Red Card of “FFC is led by the Sudanese Communist Party and by this it is against Islam”.

Omer Bakri Abu Haraz

Wake-up Call
E.mail: oba@haggar-cec.com
Omer Bakri Abu Haraz
Omer Bakri Abu Haraz

Omer Bakri Abu Haraz

Wake-up Call E.mail: oba@haggar-cec.com

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