Talk of the Hour: The Constitutional Document; Genuine Birth of the Newly Aspired for Sudan: Babikir

Many who have been investigated about the recently agreed upon constitutional document that is signed bilaterally by the freedom and change forces (FCF) and the transitional military council (TMC) do almost respond positively about it. To begin with, secondary school teacher, Zubeida Al Haj says that the document is something that is to get associated hopefully with all sorts of goodness for the Sudanese people, adding that it is to give due to heed in particular to livelihood issues for improvement satisfactorily.
Sital Nafar Ali, tea seller, says the occurrence is good, since it is, Allah willing, to alleviate the hellish expensive costs of living as well as schooling fees. ‘Still, we are suffering, especially financially. I have three children, one of them at the basic school and the others at the secondary one. Tell me what a tea maker should do in order to make ends meet’.
Hamid Al ‘Asha, lawyer, says that in the post era of the document, Sudan needs to adhere to a balanced foreign policy, that is far away from axes, pointing out that now it is high time for it to be in friendship of all invariably. ‘By so doing, we do expect that the country is going to enjoy all kinds of help everywhere globally’.
Engineer Ali Abu Bakr says the document does not just come out of the blue randomly, but rather due pressures vigorously, especially from the youth who prove that they are much determined to change the ugly face of Sudan and in all fields, especially economically and politically. ‘Unlike the negotiations previously of the popular uprisings of October 1964 and April 1985 that take them only few days to reach agreements, the December one is quite different; it takes months to realize such a thing’-a situation that is not without logic; avoiding repetition of past mistakes for ever.
Mohamed Mas’ad of the Salti institute for languages, says that the document should be a factor of optimism, seeing it as the rescuer to from the quagmire of the bloody scenarios that have been witnessed in the surroundings, neighborly and regionally and even globally.
Asma Bakheet, academic researcher, indicates that and after a long period of frustration and suffering under the yoke of the former regime of president Al Bashir, the document is a golden opportunity to change themselves comprehensively for the better.
Mohamed Murtada, businessman, explains that because the military are the ones who are directly and adversely affected by what is going on in the country, it is no surprise to see them as the much happiest segments of the population with the document, adding that once they hear about it, they immediately get engaged in distributing sweets to the passers by in pubic squares in celebration of the occasion.
Al Mubarak Yahya, construction worker, describes the document to function as war against the corrupts and therefore, prompt restoration of the stolen public money and properties to the public treasury.
Saeed Ahmed Musa, surgery assistant, says that they are not in a position to presently judge the document, going further to describe himself as neither optimistic nor pessimistic, concluding his remarks to hopefully desire to see the Sudanese sitting together on the ground as brothers cordially and consensually.
Faisal Abdalla Mohmed, a participant, says that all they can say about the issue of the document is this;’ we hope that Allah the almighty is to install the righteous and the rational person to rule’.
Umayman Al Tayib, educationalist, says that sure the document will succeed since all the political parties do refrain to share power with TMC and FCF during the transitional period, citing in this regard the stance that is adopted by the Sudanese congress party and the national Umma party that their role for the time being will only be limited to provide advice and consultation to the ruling partners if the situation necessitates.
Babikir Mohamed Babikir, university graduate, who works as a driver, says that the document is good and will genuinely form a base for the birth of the new Sudan they aspire for, advising that the forthcoming period should witness appointment of the right person in the right place.
Mohamed Khalafalla ‘Ubeid, businessman, says that it is rumored that and based on the document, a woman that is much qualified will be installed to rule the country- a move if it is to materialize, will function positively as the turning point in the history of Sudan.
Mohamed Al Fadil, car mechanic, says that and based on the document, the new government should be formed instantly and without the least delay, indicating that now the conditions in the country have reached miserable levels, especially economically-something that necessitates prompt urgent actions.
Al Waseela Al Tayib, university graduate, says that the document will hopefully create an internal and external state of connectedness, especially economically, thus in the process all kinds of obstacles will be got rid of automatically.
Abdul ‘Aziz Hassan Maki, businessman, says the document is good, pleading on all to exert utmost efforts to advance the country developmentally, disclosing that at the personal level, he is the one who has been hugely harmed by the former government of Al Bashir which has unjustly forced him to leave his job.
He goes on to indicate that the document, since it enjoys the support of US, all the impediments that has been facing Sudan previously and presently, especially economically, will no longer be the norm, thus accessibility to all the goodness fruitfully, regionally and internationally, will just be reaped.
Female student who prefers to be called only as ‘Du’a’, says that no way out but to accept the document due to the critical situation the country is in currently. ‘Hopefully, it is to practically enable us to profit from it nationwide very quickly -Amen’.

Medical doctor, Muhsin Hassan, says that the document that is achieved, is the fruit of the December 19th popular upheaval which has mainly been ignited both politically and economically.
‘Azeeza ‘Izal Din, psychologist, says that the document will avail Sudan, which is full to the brim with all kinds of resources both at the surface of earth and beneath, the chance to exploit them competently. ‘The only missing link here is funding. If it is to be overcome, sure the country will be the giant uncompetitive power and in all fields, especially economically’
‘Alawiya Al Saiq, university graduate, says that the consensus and support internally and externally that Sudan enjoys because of the signing of the document, will make a big difference, especially economically. ‘Many nations, neighborly, regionally and even globally, such as Ethiopia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, France, Britain and US, have already shown readiness to consolidate the position of Sudan in all areas, especially economically’.
Ali Al Tayib, university lecturer, says that document should be a factor to avail Sudan a golden opportunity to inscribe its names vehemently in the history book, especially developmentally. ‘This means that no place for all the bad phenomena, such as corruption, to get repeated’.
Dr. Salah Al Zein, political analyst, advises that and based on the document the setting of sound and rational policies
to address the many and various pending issues, urging the newly forthcoming government to make all the slogans of the street, physical realities on the ground, affirming that the media has a very crucial role to play in this area.
And Dr. Al Nur Hamad, also a political analyst, indicates that the document is to be threatened by many challenges, conspicuous among them are these; the Ingath deep rooted state and the imbalanced religious address, emphasizing that the good guarantor of the document
are the Sudanese, especially the street or the youth.

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