Economic Vision: Sudan, between Military and Civilians

Sudanese people are waiting to see the real change, the two conflicted parts, the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC), have settled the dispute on how to run the transitional period, they signed a historical agreement, which proved that Sudanese are unique nation.
Change from bad to good, doesn’t occur within day and night, it needs time and efforts, we must expect difficulties, so Sudan is different country, it has different political features and characteristics, a partnership between Military and Civilian, is the best governance system to Sudan.
The dispute between Military and Civilians on power has affected the development projects in general and economic improvement in particular, as Sudanese, we need to review history, to learn from the past, to study the present in order to monitor the future.
Sudan became an independent country in 1956, since that time Sudanese politicians and military generals, didn’t answer the two questions raised by intellectuals, why democratic systems failed to present good governance sample, and what is motivations behind military coups, the old of independent Sudan is 63 years, 52 years ruled by military generals who led coups, while 11 years ruled by civilians.
To speak about strong Sudan after April revolution, we are required to do research to find out why democratic systems doesn’t operate in Sudan, the recent agreement between TMC and FFC, has set the platform for civilian government, but unfortunately Sudan may return back again to military rule, if the civilians mismanaged the ransitional period.
Governance is not an easy task, it is like a microscope, to prescribe the negative and positive aspects of the expected transitional cabinet, it is easy to theorize, but it is difficult to exercise, the FFC has promised to change Sudan into modern state, the indication of the change will be discovered in the first 6 months of governance, then we can judge the success and the failure of the current military civilian government.s

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Economic Vision
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