More Than 19 Startup Companies to the Labor Market; Raied Incubator Discloses

Neimat al Naiem

Khartoum- As part of its activity, Sudan Foundation, a national Sudanese organization, and non- profitable national experience house is working in the field of development taking the society and private sectors as platform to kick off realizing socio-economic development and using of modern technology to increase the product and productivity.
Sudan Vision had paid a visit to Sudan Foundation to stand on its regular activities that providing successful projects of well trained and qualified graduates and youth who are preparing them themselves to enter the labor market with these projects according to the international standards.
It launched through the information and information technology an initiative Raied Incubator to invest in human resources according to the international standards .The incubator aims to adopt groups of post graduates and youth who have creative ideas and views in the field of information technology. Raid incubator provides training to the graduates and youth enabling them to the labor market well trained and qualified.
It has advanced programs for incubating include agriculture, energy, services, information technology and communications. More than 19 startup companies are presented by Raid Incubator to the labor market.

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