US Stresses Importance of Implementing the Constitutional Declaration Document

By: Alula Berhe Kidani

The US stressed very strongly on the importance of the two parties (the Transitional Military Council and the Freedom and Change Forces) to the Constitutional Declaration Document implementation, this was revealed in the press conference of the US State Dept. Under Secretary for Political Affairs Mr. David Hale, said that both affirmed to him their commitment to implement the document. “This needs trust building between them” he said.
The Under Secretary pointed to that the accountability issue for all atrocity and human rights violations committed is very important. He added that women and youth issues should be highly prioritized for their vital and critical role and strong determination to establish a civilian government during the last few months.
“The removing of Sudan from the list of the States sponsoring Terrorism still some issues to be resolved including issues relating to terrorism as well as those relating to human rights and religious freedoms. So, there are some new emerging issues that need to be resolved adding that at the same time the US is supporting he transformation in Sudan to a new governance system that is quite different than the previous one” he disclosed
In response to a question from Sudan Vision about the assistance that the US can provide to Sudan who is facing a very critical economic situation, Mr. David replied that it is too early for looking at economic assistance now but pointed to that Sudan is a country with rich resources and that the US would like first to see how Sudan will address the issue of organizing its economy, adding that the strong focus at the present is on the issues that will guarantee a peaceful transformation of power to civilian governance with the fair distribution of resources in the country.
The US under Secretary affirmed very strongly has country support to the transformation to civilian governance in Sudan.

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