The People also have a Signature

Hudar Almakshfay, Aljareeda

Today the Transitional Military Council and the Freedom and Change Forces will sign officially the Constitutional Document and this country enters the most serious stage. This is because the state institutions are completely different and at same there are serious challenges lying ahead in front of the transitional period.
But the people also have a signature represented by the slogan that was risen during the six months of the revolutionary protest; Down Only.
The people are signing today in the revolutionary book the end of all the ousted regime institutions, policies and practices and throw this period to the dust pin of history and don’t want to remain a prisoner of the sorrows and tragedies of that regime.
At the same time the people do not want the new government to make the mistakes, incompetence and crimes of the ousted regime a pretext not to deliver.
The people want a government that will work day and night for the future that they aspire for and declare from this historical moment the readiness to start participation in the stage of reconstruction and development and the attainment of sustainable and just peace.
The people are signing today for the complete implementation of the revolution demands because the downfall of the ousted regime is just the first step to build the civil democratic governance system and want the new government to completely comprehend this demand.
There is no doubt that the challenges are great but if the government works in a transparent manner and solicit and coordinate with the civil society it will be able to address many challenges because the people specially the youth are genius in finding solutions.

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