Sudanese Not to Allow Any Entity to Steal Their Dream: Al Digair

By: Ahmed Ibrahim

Khartoum – Nobody denies that the joy that dominates nationally because of the signing finally of the two documents politically and constitutionally, is not without challenges and threats to impede, especially during the transitional period. Many talk about the issue, conspicuous among them is Omar Al -Digair of the Change and Freedom Forces (FCF) who says that although they are much aware that there is no place for the occurrence of any counter revolution, but, still vigilance in this regard is much required, stressing that the Sudanese people will not succumb in and that under no circumstance are to permit any entity to steal or to confiscate their dreams.
He adds that the fact that Sudan is a diverse country, necessitates caution that such a thing should reflect positively to the welfare of all the Sudanese and in all aspects, especially economically, pointing out that if it is well utilized, definitely, it is going to be a source of power.
Al-Digair goes further to tackle the issue of war and peace which is assigned the initial six months of the transitional period –something that is associated with many challenges, so to speak.
The member of FCF talks about the peripheral areas of the country which do lack noticeably any sort of genuine development.
Al Mu’iz Hadra, member of FCF, indicates that they are after the establishment and foundation of the law state, especially during the transitional period.
And FCF’s Nural Din Salah Al Din, sees that in order for the two partners of rule to overcome challenges, is to work harmoniously as one team. ‘Added to this, there are the issues of war and the economy and how they are to be resolved competently and decisively’.
He concludes his remarks to say that one of the stumbling blocks that may face them is how to reach a consensus to establish a constitution to govern Sudan permanently.

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