Thanks to Allah: The Eid Festival Indications

Please look at yourself, how beautiful you are!, why do you look like that? What a marvelous creation!, what does this mean? I differ from other creatures round me? Oh am right, am looking smart, tidy, smelling nice, everything in me is done miracle, oh heaven, that create me like this and don’t change me into fierce animal? This means is distinguished; but why do I occupy this high degree! What is the difference between me and other creatures? The reply is ready; what unique you from other creatures is mind!This the tool with which you and me and other to discover the creator of the earth..
The stations we have got in our live yearly, to thank Allah are many, as Muslims we have Eid Al-Fitr, Eid Al-Adha, and many other celebrations to remind the graces we have among us, Christians have got also similar festivals, all these occur to ring the bell of remembering us that we are here temporarily not permanently, take care, pay attention, our ages are countered down by the end of any occasion, our departure s very close, am not pessimistic, really optimistic, the time is running out of our hands and we still fighting to have more chances to live, no and thousand no, our time is nearly over, then we are all going to stand before ALLAH to account, those who think that they are  above accountability, they are going to be sorry one day, don’t think  that your are progressed scenically, satisfied financially ,you may live on your own! No, you will never be like that, and f you imagine so, you are wrong, stop death if you are strong enough, diseases, environment changes, aging, why do we die? We know the answer, but most pretend to neglect.
I wonder how some people don’t feel the sense of loving their home, this passion is running in you veins, giving you the ability to move, might to fight, appetite to eat ,joy to laugh ,desire to progress, jealous to develop him, every good you see, dream of, imagine about, you want it to be for your country. This the real love we are searching to inculcate in our kids soul to grow with them, watering it by well chosen syllabus to teach them the history of their ancestors, those who fought with their dignity to give us the land we living on now broadly, singing for it, plant it, beauty it, saying poets about ,even the birds who pass have his food on it, till saturation, this Sudan, the land of martyrs, victories, production, heroes, you may not know the perfect history of yourself, but home you have.
Pahanphy,and Tehraga, are Sudanese samples who represent us all over the world, those who ruled the Nile valley more than fife thousand year, from North Sudan to all Egypt, till Syria, that, even researches proved today the facts that Sudan civilization is oldest than the others in the region, the draws at the temples shows the deep rooted ties between Susan, India, Ethiopia, Arabs, and Egypt, the much graces we have had at that time are the great prove of my speech.
Sudanese history, is rich of every good that we distribute to our neighbors, no selfishness, envy, hatred, or exploitation to circumstance, nature from ancient time form our values, even now you find people, love good for all round them, generousity, distinguish us among all nations, it is something digged in our souls, not appearance or deceived impressions, watered by bloods, continual sacrifices, and dignity. Now plots are waved against our civilization from whom? From our nearest folks to us, this not expected at all, to tab in your back by your brother!No wise man will put in his mind such thing to happen!brothers are always protecting each other, it isn’t allegations, or deceiving, these are facts  ,ask history, at times of disputes, problems they stand side by side to each other.
When your brother ,or enemy keep silence avoid him, he is either wise, or thinking of how to respond to you, wisdom never mean you are weak, pay attention, tins who have high voices are always empty, putting in mind we  build our people on religious, they know the v value of religious, the meaning of sacrifices, no single house in Sudan nowadays is vacant of martyrs, above that, we believe in Allah, we know the result of ALLAH loving , our country never exposed to so many colonies to effect his character or influence his internal components, we don’t know jokes or pretend to have it , most of our people are serious, not like those who make fun of themselves to get living!o
Volitions, never ever be beaten by grave circumstances, those who know Allah never think much of getting long age, through depending on others might, we lean on ALLAH only, we believe on him we care about contentious him with worshiping, remembering, praising, avoiding his forbidden, obeying him is our maximum desire,
We don’t depend on materials, weapons, we depend on who create the man who invent the guns, not the guns that make us knee, ask history, Karari battle, we don’t fear death, because it is our fate, so it is better to meet Allah bravely than to leave bad heritage to successors. We love dignity, all our tribes seek to to be known by their generosity, they compete to have much guests, specially at Ramadan, this habit is only known her in Sudan, really it is made in Sudan, morals, respect, polite, are the title of our people not immorality as away to gain the token of civilization. This era is the time of force to get your respect if you are strong, to have your own things inside, and not to be in need for others, donations never satisfy your need unless you get yours by your own work.
My dear reader, you and me, him and her, must put our hands on each other, look forward, to get the best to our nation, enemies are at doors, seeking for negatives to penetrate through it, don’t listen to rumors, report to the nearest police station if you see or suspect of things that are not going well in your area ,worst examples of those who lost their countries are around you ,the wiser who takes examples from others.
I always thank Allah when I feel that he distinguish me with sense of faith, this attitude gives the believers the tranquilly which other lack, how is that, look round you specially at the progressed countries, see how the huge numbers of suicides they get annually, why they seek rest in death! This is the major question we must look for a respond to it, on the other side you discover few accidents of suicides! What is the difference? It is very clear, believers have got convinces that here is an end for this world, it s not created for nothing, what is he purpose of it? T s the GOD chaplaincy, the skies ,grounds, nature, richness, poorness, smartness, ugliness, life fates, are all written by him, to all of us, with our different :colors, thoughts, looks, educations.
What Allah wants from us? To know him as loneliness, thanks him for his graces, worship him, and obey his scholars, if all do this we will definitely live in peace.

Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed

Brigadier - Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed
Thanks to Allah
Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed
Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed

Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed

Brigadier - Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed Thanks to Allah Email:

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