Moonlight: Sudan Enters a New Era

17 August 2019 is an important day and considered historical moment for all the Sudanese population who waited it by strong patience in order to express their susceptibility towards the new political stage aims to establishing the rule of law in our beloved country Sudan which has no permanent constitution since its independence in 1956.
The final signature of the documents of the transitional stage represents the beginning the entry into transition phase and formation of the civilian government after a long talks through which the two parties have exerted a great efforts aim to reaching to the specific goal.
The day of the signature is a charming day for the people of the Sudan who waited this dream which will achieve their ambitions and constitutes the beginning of the new life will rule by the law and pave the way to transform the power by peaceful methods through ballot box which is considered the sole way for the Sudan’s people that to choose who rule them after the end of the transitional period.
African neighboring countries participated in this historical political event by high level delegations who express their satisfaction towards this ceremony and also we find that some Arab countries shaped presence and they very keen to see Sudan living in complete peace and stabilization.
The African Union mediator and the representative of the Ethiopian government played an important role in convergence of views between Transitional Military Council and forces of freedom and change where it leads to the historic accord which constitutes an important phase in the Sudan’s political modern history.
There are huge challenges will face the transitional civilian government so that all the Sudanese people should stand and give full- support to the coming government and work with it in one glove because the situation has demanded cooperation and integration from all because it represents a rare and unique opportunity it should find attention and keeping it from all political forces and armed groups, this political movement is considered the outcome of the Glorious Revolution which has come to correct the political route from totalitarian rule to the dogmatic system in which every individual find his rights and bestow upon an easy transformation of power through free and fair elections so that the Sudanese people should gather around this civilian government as they gathered around the glorious revolution which impressed the world by its peaceful which reflects the awareness of the Sudan’s youth who spare no efforts in putting an end to the former regime.
The one of the challenges which will face the civilian transitional government is how to achieve the comprehensive peace in all parts of the country in general and war affected areas in particular. Because the consolidation of comprehensive peace in the Sudan will pave the way for achieving sustainable development but this does not happen unless peace process prevails all the parts of the country and the then stability and security are achieving because both shape the basic pillars for achieving development and progress.
The second challenge is how to reviving the national economy which infected by weakness because of corruption which included all the state’s institutions if the civilian government wants to revive the economy it would interest on agriculture because it represents the backbone of the Sudanese national economy and it is better for the upcoming civilian government to focus on the collective work in farms in order to increasing the production and productivity.
The ink of the documents is representing a glimmer of hope helps the Sudan to open and Intensifies the process of communication with the countries of the world in accordance of the common interests and benefits because Sudan has absent and lived in complete isolation in its regional and international arenas and has been prevented from its participation in an international and regional forums so that it lost credibility from the international organizations and add to that it has been listed in the list of the States which sponsor terrorism phenomenon.
The appropriate time is coming for all the Sudanese people that to work together because the responsibility concern every person so that we should put our hands with the transitional government in order to establishing the democratic system in our beloved country Sudan.

Ahmed Hassan Omer (Hurga)

Ahmed Hassan Omer (Hurga)

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Ahmed Hassan Omer (Hurga)

Ahmed Hassan Omer (Hurga)


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