Al-Mahdi: Consultations with Revolutionary Front to Address Differences


Khartoum- The Chairman of the National Ummah Party (NUP), Imam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi, revealed consultations with the armed movements (Revolutionary Front) to address differences and consider its vision in the arrangements for the transitional period, stressing that the differences can be addressed by dialogue and direct meetings.
Al-Mahdi affirmed on Monday, according to the Sudanese Media Center, their ability to address the differences with the armed movements and give peace top priority in the coming stage, considering that there is a new government based on a civil democratic system, adding that, “we will contact all armed movements to reach a unified vision for realizing peace in the country.”
Al-Mahdi stressed that Sudan has entered a new stage in which there is a great chance to achieve a comprehensive and just peace.
On Saturday, Al-Mahdi called for a code of conduct to set the stage of the civil-military partnership in an institutionalized manner so that the country would cross into the elections phase.
In his speech before the final signing ceremony of the documents of the agreement between the Transitional Military Council and the Forces of Freedom and Change, Al-Mahdi praised the struggles of the Sudanese people for freedom and democracy, pointing to the epics and the popular uprisings, describing the Sudanese people as the guardian of great meanings.

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