Federation of Arab Journalists Observes World Photography Day


 Khartoum -The Federation of Arab Journalists  issued a statement  congratulated  photojournalists  on the World Photography Day  and  179 years  for  discovery of photography.
“ Many photojournalists  exerted  huge efforts  to cover  journalistic works  especially  in  middle East wars  during the last  five years  either  they were working  for press, TV channels or news agencies”  said the statement.
 The statement  stated  that targeting photojournalists by  Israeli occupation    increased,  from 144 violations , 31 cases were shootings( by live  and rubber  pullets) in addition to direct targeting  by gas and sound bombs directing  towards  photojournalists bodies  with purpose of causing  gross  harms to them .
 The Federation of Arab Journalists appreciated   the   photojournalists  efforts  and  courage in covering the  important events  world-wide.

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