STO Calls on Constitutional Posts Officials to Present Declarations of Wealth

By: Khalda Elyas

Khartoum – President of the Sudanese Transparency Organization (STO), Dr. El-Tayeb Mukhtar called on the constitutional posts officials in the transitional period to present declaration of wealth, pointing out that the government loses US$800 million annually due to corruption, adding that Sudan rank is at the bottom of the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI).
He stressed on the necessity of controlling the private sector and preventing it from involving in corruption through enforcement of the related legislations.
Meanwhile, Zero Corruption Organization has warned of the seriousness of corruption, indicating that its roots are deep and cannot be completely eradicated as it is transcontinental and overwhelming to communities.
At the regular news forum of Sudan News Agency (SUNA) Tuesday, Dr. Al-Tayeb Mukhtar, said the Sudanese economy will not recover and the Sudanese pound will recuperate unless the telecommunications sector is rearranged.
Zero Corruption Organization has reviewed the steps and visions to reach the zero corruption goals, adding that the rule of law and justice are the bases to rebuild states.
The organization has appreciated the efforts and formation of the Anti-Corruption and Illegal Gain Prosecution as a special committee to follow up the organization’s reports on corruption.
Meanwhile, the expert Ahmed Rajab warned that the institutional corruption is one of the most serious forms of corruption.
The organization called on the coming government to set prices after determining the profits of producers and to control the private sector to prevent it from being involved in corruption.
She called on civil society organizations to find the necessary solutions and to work for protecting the consumers.

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