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The main issue that dominates the minds of Sudanese is “Economy” they talk about the livelihood, minimum wages, unemployment, gross domestic product, inflation, import and export activities, the uprising of prices and the corruption. those are the economic common ground to any country, the whole world is suffering from the dramatic trade changes and economic deterioration following the world economic crisis in 2008, but the challenges that face each country were different, in case of Sudan the challenge is “External” nearly 80% of the economic problems associated with the consequences of the US unilateral economic sanctions which was imposed in 1997.
The sanctions affected the trade activity and investment process alongside the movement of “capitals” which rely on international banking relations. We know that internal economic resources and potentials alone can’t change the fact, unless it access to international banking system.
Sudan is endowed with all the types of economic factors, land, labour and various kinds of resources, but the question is why do we still complain? the answer is so simple, because US isolated Sudan, the influx of foreign investment was affected by the financial instructions issued by US central bank, while the Sudan products were sieged by the restrictions that paralyzed both import and export business.
The future of Sudan economy is not related to the currency rate exchange, it links to the “freedom of capitals” and money transactions, the government must focus on persuading the influenced largest economic countries to remove Sudan from the list of the banking banned countries, this is the number one issue, now the economic disease has been diagnosed, so it is easy to prescribe the suitable medicine that draws the brilliant future of Sudan economy.
US is responsible for the ongoing bad situation, it uses double standard to deal with Sudan, Sudan has met the conditions of being removed from the list of the countries sponsoring terrorism, all the US official statements and intelligence reports confirmed and assured that Sudan contributes to fight against “terror” and cooperates to realize the regional and international security and peace, I think hammering on changing US stances against Sudan is the only way out to the better economic situation.

Mohamed Abdalla

Economic Vision
Mohamed Abdalla
Mohamed Abdalla

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