Talk of the Hour: Assistance Generously Flows in from Everywhere to the Aid of Sudan

The good tidings are these; now the government of the transitional period has been formed and gains almost all the support, both internally and externally. Internally, there are the armed groups. Head of the revolutionary front, Al Hadi Idris, discloses the readiness of the alliance of the armed groups to cooperate with it to accomplish all the issues, especially the one that pertains to peace.
Chairperson of SPLM/N, Al- Hilu, says that they are ready to conduct dialogue with the new government, describing the formation of the cabinet and the sovereign council as the correct step in the right direction.
Deputy chairperson of SPLM/N-Agar, Yasir ‘Arman, indicates that now they are ready to proceed forward from the square of war that is imposed by the former regime to another one that is peacefully dominated.
The in-charge of the communist party’s central committee, Mohamed Mukhtar Al Khateeb, reveals their commitment to defend all the covenants they have been signing with the freedom and change forces, Sudan call and the other national consensus forces to fulfill tangibly the aims of the revolution.
Externally, it is expected that and besides the other world leaderships, premier Hamadok is to meet with US president, Donald Trump, on the sidelines of the upcoming meeting of UN general assembly.
Furthermore, the president of South Sudan, Salva Kiir, is perceived to engage in carrying out an initiative that is to involve all the armed groups of Darfur, the South Kordofan and the Blue Nile with the intention to achieve peace permanently.
The Amir of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Mohamed Bin Zaid and through his ambassador to Khartoum, invites prime minister Dr. Hamdok with the purpose of exchanging views over common interests bilaterally.
Germany’s vice chancellor, Angela Merkel, affirms her consolidation to Hamadok’s government, expressing her strong admiration of the Sudanese, females and males, in peacefully defending their rights, going further to address Hamadok like this; ‘we hope you accomplish internal peace, development as well as the realization of reconciliation competently between all the components of the Sudanese people’.
Similarly, Heiko Maas, Germany’s foreign minister, announces their assistance to Sudan to the tune of 15 million (Euros), adding that in the coming annual meeting of UN general assembly, Germany will discuss the removal of Sudan’s name from the list of countries that sponsor terrorism. ‘We have formed a group (called the friends of Sudan) for the development of Sudan, especially economically’.
It is argued that one of the goals of Maas’s visit to the country is this; if Berlin and the European union are not to hurry up now to cease the opportunity, Sudan will be dominated and swallowed by the Eastern nations, especially China and Russia. Simply speaking, because Sudan is strategically significant, since it connects Germany and Europe with both the Arab and African worlds.
The point of crucial importance is; Sudan is the most secure country to the extent that the Germany’s foreign minister and during a recent visit to the country is seen as roaming around freely the streets of Khartoum to extent of just sitting unguarded besides a women tea seller to just drink a cup of tea.
Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, also extends an invitation to premier Dr. Hamdok to discuss ways and means to assist Sudan, especially during the present transitional period.
Likewise, the Chinese ambassador to Sudan, Ma Xinmin, expresses best wishes that the new government will hopefully achieve peace and development.
Sudan’s ministry of finance discloses that now there are ongoing negotiations between them and the World Bank which revolve around this; increase of assistance, especially technically during the period, plus the tackling of the file of the foreign debts.
And the representative of the American institute for transparency and combat of corruption in Africa, Abdul Al Nabi Shaheen, appeals to the sovereign council and the premiership to establish urgently the corruption combat commission, expressing their readiness to help Sudan to restore its stolen money that are deposited abroad by the elements of the former regime.

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