Wake-up Call: Peace Commission Kick-off

The formation of the Peace Commission (PC) should be a priority in the agenda of the new cabinet. The PC kick-off should be directed this time to the two active factions of the peace threatening elements – Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) of Abdulwahid Nour in Jebel Marra (Darfur) and the SPLM-N S. Kordofan faction commanded by Abdul Aziz Adam Al-Hilu. The two are singled out due to:
1. The adamant abiding by the principles of the manifestoes of the two movements that kept both of them away from the tactics of the ousted regime. They did not participate in any direct or indirect negotiations with the ousted regime including the Doha Peace Declaration.
2. The two movements have troops and occupied lands and by this they pose a threat to peace. Others have either joined the ousted regime in power for some time and both almost lost most or all of their fighting capabilities by the death of almost all of their troops and loss of footholds.
3. The idea of forming a front against the marginalization of Darfur region started in 1992 among the Darfur students of University of Khartoum under the leadership of Abdulwahid Mohammed Nour – born 1968 in Zalinge – Nour graduated in the Faculty of Law of the University of Khartoum in 1995. He formed the Sudan Liberation Movement in 2004. In 2006 the SLM split into two in the issue of joining the Salvation Regime in peace negotiations in Doha (Qatar). Minnawi formerly Deputy of Nour opted for participating in Doha talks. He formed second wing in SLM. Nour stood firmly on the principles of the SLM manifesto till now. He continued fighting the ousted regime in his strong foot-held t Jebel Marra. Minnawi shared power with the ousted National Congress Party (NCP) after Doha Declaration and became the Senior Assistant to Al Bashir and the Chairperson of the Transitional Authority of Darfur in 2007. Minnawi defected and dismissed by Al Bashir in 2010 and officially pulled out of Doha Declaration in February 2011.
4. SLM – Nour faction gained a lot of supporters of almost all students and graduates of universities in Sudan and abroad. They formed strong coherent groups in America and Europe. They succeeded in drawing the attention of the international NGOs and managed to reach law-makers and MPs of American and Europeans institutions. They played a pivotal role in all UNSC resolutions, human rights organizations and European legislatures. In nutshell they succeeded in subjecting the ousted regime to isolation, ICC involvement and NGOs condemnation.
5. Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (North ) SPLM-N headed by Abdul Aziz Al-Hilu in South Kordofan is still active and have a stronghold in Kauda area – South Kordofan and still has troops of SPLA. Al-Hilu was born in July 1954 in a village east of Nuba Mountains. Graduated in Faculty of Economics and Social Studies, University of Khartoum in 1979. He joined the SPLM under the leadership of John Garang in 1986. In the period 2005 to 2006 he founded the SPLM-A North Sector in South Kordofan. He became Chairman of the SPLM-N – South Kordofan Sector on 2009. After the ratification of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA between the NCP and the SPLM he became Deputy Governor of South Kordofan. Ahmed Haroun – diehard Islamic Movement was appointed governor. In June 2011 Al-Hilu ran the governor elections against Haroun. Haroun was declared winner by a narrow majority. Al-Hilu stated that the elections were rigged by the NCP and he immediately defected to his homeland East of Nuba Mountains and led a military insurgence in the area with Kauda as his capital.
6. Last week Al-Hilu, after the meeting of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) in Juba, sent positive important message commending the completion of the transitional set-up by the formation fo the cabinet. He said he is now prepared to sit with the new government in open transparent discussion to reach a sustainable peace in Sudan.
Prime Minister, Hamdok sent encouraging positive message by saying the SRF components are partners with the Forces of Freedom and Change in the ousting of the Salvation Regime and the change for democratic rule.

Al the above is very conducive to reaching a final comprehensive peace agreement.
The kick-off should be by a prompt contact with Abdulwahid and Al-Hilu before resuming talks with the other factions.

Omer Bakri Abu Haraz

Wake-up Call
E.mail: oba@haggar-cec.com
Omer Bakri Abu Haraz
Omer Bakri Abu Haraz

Omer Bakri Abu Haraz

Wake-up Call E.mail: oba@haggar-cec.com

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