Economic Vision: Seek for Knowledge Even in China

People in my country always say, seek for knowledge even in China, this means that China is far away, it is just like looking for knowledge, you have to sacrifice for it, because it deserves efforts. I have realized what my people say when I arrived in China last year, so I started my journey of knowledge in February the 23rd 2018, when the plane landed at Beijing International Airport, to begin a new life that really turned my life, experience and knowledge.
It is not an easy task to narrate the whole story of ten months experience in country like China, which you can find an impressive story in each single of its parts, before I came to China. I had thought that everything is difficult, to move, to eat and to communicate, many questions dominated my mind, how do 1.4 billion live together? And how does the government control the country in terms of livelihood and security.
But the answers to the raised questions came from different directions, according to my daily life in “Beijing” and due to the media trips that organized every month by China International Press Communication Centre CIPCC and the office of China African Press Centre CAPC, the trips were considered as a golden chance for me to know what is China, politically, socially, culturally and economically.
I covered the events of the two sessions, these two important political events let me to conclude that copy and paste of others’ experience in governance and politics, will lead to chaos and it doesn’t realize the objectives, so what inspired me is, the mixing experiences of others with China social, politics and economic characteristics, this prove that “Democracy” is not the best way of governance, maybe it suits “western” communities, but for nations like China and Africa it doesn’t operate.
In term of history and culture, I learnt how China managed to connect the recent generation to their ancestors, why China is going toward the right direction? The answer because it backs on “History” so history is like a mirror of a car which enables the driver to read the back of the road to drive forward perfectly, and that what actually did by Chinese leaders and politicians.
Everything in China is well organized, despite the large number of population there is no noise and no crowding, people in China are friendly, kindly and quite, they inherited these good habits from their ancestors, they connect the past to the present, then they managed to plan for their future. I have an experience with Chinese young boy who satisfied me that China has a unique community, one day while I was going to the Renimun University, I asked the boy to tell me where is it, he said to me turn right and go straight, after 10 minutes he discovered that he directed me to the wrong way, then he was running after me, suddenly I saw the same young boy again, he apologized and said “sorry” you have to turn left, then he accompanied me to the university, this just an example of Chinese kindness and hospitality.
Economically, I experienced that “working hard” is one of the main economic factors, because people love their jobs, the second important point in economy is the well constructed infrastructure and the third one is the poverty alleviation, the experience that required to be studied by African economists and governments.

Mohamed Abdalla

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