SPA Affirms Support for Hamdok’s Government, Stresses Accountability of Ministers

By: Al-Sammani Awadallah 

Khartoum-The Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) has expressed its support for the cabinet as long as it seeks to achieve the goals of the revolution, stressing that it will give the issues of living conditions and services a priority and follow-up with the government of Hamdok, which was sworn-in on Sunday evening.
SPA Spokesman Al-Rashied Saeed Yagoub said in a press conference that they will leave each minister appointed to choose his priorities and not interfere with them as long as they seek to achieve the goals of the Revolution, pointing out that the accountability of SPA to ministers would be through the Legislative Council and the Council of Ministers.
He stressed that the SPA does not talk about rigid criteria on the cabinet formation and that the Legislative Council will accommodate all political forces within the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change and outside it.
He pointed out that the file of corruption cannot be dealt with at the moment, considering that the institutions of the former regime are still existing, calling, in this regard, to restructuring the justice institutions and speed up the appointment of the Chief Justice and the Attorney General, urging the Minister of Justice to accelerate the steps that work to combat corruption.
Yagoub stressed that there are 200 reports of corruption in the face of about 300 figures of the former regime, stressing the need to expedite the formation of the Anti-Corruption Commission so as to work to fight corruption and arrest the corrupt persons.
 “The current government is part of the revolution and when they see a danger they will say their opinion and they will monitor the performance of the government through legislative institutions,” Yagoub said.
He affirmed that the SPA had listed all employees who had been dismissed by the former regime from their jobs for political reasons, affirming that the SPA would work with the ministers for restorations of their rights.

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