Algunaid Company Provides Humanitarian Aids to White Nile State Victims

Mohamed Abdalla

Algunaid Company for Multi Activities was established in 2006, it has implemented number of projects, in different parts of Sudan, it allocates millions of SDGs to support people, who recently affected by the rains and floods, in Algillie locality and White Nile State, it committed and responded to the voice of victims, within 5 days the Company dispatched two convoys loaded with food items and shelters as well as medical supplies.
On last Monday the deputy general director, Omar Atta’almnan led a convoy to Kosti, the capital city of White Nile State to provide humanitarian aids to the venerable, who lost, assets, farms and total damages to the houses, a convoy of 12 vans loaded by huge amount of food items, shelters and medical supply. Handed to the governor of the State, so 20 physicians were companied the convoy, they stay in the State for some time to overcome the health challenges.
The Volume of the Damage:
The governor of the State Major general Al Tahir Ali Al Trifi, has briefed the delegation of Algunaid Company at the government premise, he prepared a film to s secondary schoolshow the fact and to convey the situation in the ground.
The flood covered vast areas in the State, so since last August the affected people have been suffering a lot due to the floods that destroyed the majority of villages in the State, the governor revealed that 23000 house were totally damaged, and 323 villages affected by the flood, he also announced that 12 were died.
“The volume of damage is so big, the number of affected is schools reached to 66 elementary school alongside 38” said the governor who added that the whole damage throughout the state was estimated to 45%.
But the government has exceeded the critical situation, informed the governor who sent 52 flights to distribute the relief to the victims “87 villages were isolated from Tendalti locality, they need help” said the governor who appealed both national and international organizations to support his state.
As regard to the health situation, the governor disclosed that 300 water diarrhea case in some affected villages, he described the health situation as danger, appealing the federal authorities to interfere.
While the deputy director general Omar Atta’almnan, briefed media and reporters following the trip, that Algunaid Company has paid speciall consideration to the people of White Nile.
“The convoy was sent according to the orientation of the General Manager Gen. Lt Abdulrahim Dagolo, so Algunaid targeted nearly 3500- 4000 households in the State, we have 12 vans loaded by food items like sugar, lentils and rice, alongside shelters, such as tents, mosquito nets and tarpaulin” said Omar.
The convoy included full medical supply to the victims who suffers critical health situation “there are 20 physicians accompanied the convoy to serve the patients and to fight against the epidemic diseases that resulted due to the flood, also the medical team equipped by modern laboratories and adequate medicine” concluded Omar who praised by the people and the government of the White Nile.

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