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The Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdouk has diagnosed the economic challenges that face his government, like the inflation, deficit corruption, policies, keeping Sudan on the list of the countries sponsoring terrorism and peace.
The total amount of fund to Sudan economy on the right track is US$ 10 billion, according to the PM, but I think, restoring Sudan economy is not an easy task, it may takes a long time, the PM is optimistic, he promised that the new announced cabinet will prioritize issues, they put peace on the top, peace means more production and stability in all aspects of life, no good economy without peace.
The second step is addressing the consequences of inflation and the deficit in the trade balance sheet, to do so Sudan need urgent support from the international community, solve the shortages of both national and foreign currencies that meet the requirements of people to run the daily life, so people need enough fuels to their cars, bread to their kids and liquidity to provide health services.
The two major challenges that affect the future of Sudan economy are peace process and terrorism, I don’t expect the new government can realize peace during the next 6 months, the issue of peace is so complicated, the PM has addressed main problems that hindered development and advancement, he addressed the issue of diversity frankly while he was forming the cabinet, this move paves the way and encourage the armed forces to put down weapons and to hold the tools of peace and reconciliation.
The issue of lifting Sudan from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism is a sensitive issue, it is strategic agenda in the relation between Sudan and US, and also it may take time to be achieved.
No way for normal economic ties between Sudan, US and the International Monetary Fund, without removing Sudan from the list of terrorist countries, this issue affects IMF funds to Sudan and hinders Sudan international trade and investment.
The PM justified his capability to save Sudan economy, due to his experience with IMF in funding development projects in some African countries, it is true he succeeded to implement the projects and managed to change the economy of the countries that he used to sponsor. The question that need answer from the PM, is does Sudan fulfilled the conditions or not? According to me is so early to expect lifting Sudan from the list of terror, because the absence of Al Bashir and appointing a new PM to run the transitional period is not qualified Sudan to get fund from IMF, there are unseen conditions must be come out to complete the revolution of change and freedom.

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