Health Ministry Reports 4 Cholera Cases in Blue Nile State

By: Haffiya Elyas

Khartoum – Federal Ministry of Health on Tuesday announced that four cholera infection cases have been reported in Blue Nile state, affirming that the number of cases of watery diarrhea most possibly caused by cholera, has risen to 40 in state hospitals three of them died.
The Ministry said in a statement that Sudan’s Health Minister, Akram Ali Al-Tom, has officially reported the cases to the World Health Organization (WHO).
It also said two teams from the Federal Health Ministry and the WHO have arrived in Blue Nile state to provide support through environment conservation, ensuring water and food safety and medical treatment.
Contaminated and stagnant water due to rains and floods usually causes the disease in some areas in Sudan
The Doctors Committee in Blue Nile state has warned that a cholera epidemic threatens the country. Spokeswoman Dr Shiraz Ahmed called on the Ministry of Health to intervene urgently and take preventive measures to prevent an outbreak of the epidemic.
The committee calls on the ministry to confirm the presence of cholera and to take preventive interventions to prevent the spread of the epidemic to catastrophic dimensions as witnessed in the country in the past years.
The Doctors Committee called on the people to take utmost care in dealing with water and care to combat flies and go to the nearest treatment centre as soon as symptoms of diarrhea appear.

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