New Cabinet Meets, PM to Join Peace Talks in Juba

By: Zuleikha Abdul Raziq

Khartoum – The new cabinet held its first meeting yesterday after the formation of the transitional government.
The cabinet determined ten priorities to be implemented within the first 220 days after which an assessment will be conducted to prepare for the next stage.
The Council of Minister discussed the procedural issues including the regulations of the work in the upcoming stage.
The cabinet determined every Tuesday as regulrar meeting besides dividing the ministries to three sectors.
Meanwhile, Minister of Culture and Information, Spokesperson of the government, Faisal Mohammed Saleh said in press statements that the meeting discussed the priorities of the government in the upcoming stage which amounted to ten among which are stopping the war, peace-building, dealing with the economical crisis, achieving the transitional justice, women empowerment, the formation of independent investigation committee and reformation of the government institutions.
He said that the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdallah Hamdok will head to South Sudan for peace talks between the ruling sovereign council and armed groups.
He told reporters after the cabinet’s first meeting that Hamdok, in his first foreign visit, would join five members of the ruling sovereign council in the South Sudanese capital Juba on Thursday.
For his part, PM directed the ministries to reduce the usage of paper work and work via networking system besides boosting the role of youth through practical procedures to allow them paly their role in the social moves along with preparing for the constitutional conference before the end of the transitional period.
The cabinet asked all the ministries to prepare a plan on the ten pririties.
The cabinet also discussed the opening the the school and universities and directed availing the conducive environment to resume the studies in the universities.
On Cholera cases in the Blue Nile State, the Information Minister said that the Minister of Health briefed the cabinet on the issue, affiriming that they will deal with the issue in transparency.
On the nomination of Transport and Animal Resources minister, the Spokesperson said that consultations are underway and the nomination is not yet agreed on.

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