There Is Favourable Regional and International Climate to Help Sudan: Hamdok

By: Neimat al Naiem- Mohamed Abdalla

Khartoum – In the BBC Arabic “No Restrictions” talk show, Prime Dr. Abdalla Hamdok explained that the priorities of his cabinet is represented by solving the roots of the Sudanese issue of the marginalization, unequal development, pointing out to that there is no differences in these issues . Dr. Hamdok affirmed Sudan’s capability in managing the diversity; this is appeared clearly in the forming of the Sovereign Council and the Cabinet.
Regarding women participation in the new transitional government, the Prime Minister stressed on their commitment to women participation 50% in the different government levels, pointed out that that didn’t happen, describing the formation of the government as a political breakthrough in appointing Ambassador Asma Mohamed Abdalla; the minister of Foreign Affairs as the first Sudan female to take this high level position. He added that they in the transitional government work to provide opportunities to all Sudanese to take part in the government.
On dealing with the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) and if there are red lines of interfering in managing Sudan internal affairs, he explained that Sudan is highly capable in managing the diversity efficiently. Dr Hamdok said that FFC had succeeded in leading December revolution, noting that the FFC consists of multi political components and this requires a diversity management.
“We expect to live in conditions that can be called a honeymoon with the rest of the world,” said Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok. “There is a favourable regional and international climate to help Sudan.” Hamdok told the BBC
As far as the challenges facing Sudan, the prime Minister shed light on these challenges, particularly the issue of sending the former President al Bashir to the International Criminal Court (ICC), Hamdok said that the Sudanese Judiciary is independent and transparent. He added that the Sudanese courts will determine the fate of al Bashir. The Sudanese court actually had begun investigations.
The Prime Minister explained to BBC that the new government will be implemented in these trials. He disclosed that this file is the concern of the judiciary Authority.
BBC enquired about the accusing of a member of the Sovereign Council (SC) in breaking the sit-in of the demonstrators and protestors at the Sudanese Army Headquarter, the Prime Minister explained the SC and the Cabinet hadn’t held their joint meeting to discuss such issue. He added that will be discussed later.
Dr. Hamdok told BBC that the National Congress Party (NCP) was dissolved since the beginning of the revolution, explaining that he is now the Prime Minister for all Sudanese. He added that those who were accused in financial crimes will be tried in the Sudanese courts.
The guarantees in removing of Sudan name from the terrorism list, the BBC asked Dr. Hamdok. He pointed to that they will discuss in this issue with the partners in America, Europe, and brothers and friendly States, adding that they will move forward in any way that realize this aim.
Sudan external relation is one of the aspects that BBC asked about particularly relation with Israel, he said his cabinet is newly formed and they didn’t discuss in detail such topics. As far as the Yemeni war is concerned Dr. Hamdok noted that Sudan regional relation that depends the good neighborhood working with forces that to realize peace.
Hamdok explained that Sudan is one of the most affected areas by wars; describing war is not a solution. He called for political solutions explain their vision in dealing with these troops. He added the peaceful solution is required.
BBC asked if Hamdok government will continue, He affirmed that he is the Prime Minister for all Sudanese people who took the decision. It is the people who determine to continue or not, it is the people to choose the government bodies and to support democracy.

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