Blue Nile State Governor Affirms Willingness to Support Children Issues

By: Haffiya Elyas                                                                        

Khartoum –  The Governor of Blue Nile State in charge, Yassin Ibrahim Abdulgani confirmed his government’s interest to support  children’s issues, he   said  yesterday in Blue Nile State while addressing a training workshop for media professionals on child-friendly budgets, , which organized by Journalist for Children  Association and the state’s Child Welfare Council, In collaboration with Save the Children
 The Governor said  the country  has suffered a lot during previous times, and the first who  pay the price  were  the children,  stressing the State readiness to support all efforts to advocate  children’s causes because today’s children are the men of tomorrow.
Abdul Moneim Abbas, Commissioner of Humanitarian Aid of  The Blue Nile State, said that the  State is one of the areas of Sudan that has affected  by the fires of war ¡ besides  citizens were affected by war  in general and children in particular .
 The Executive Director of Damazin Locality  Siddiq Mousa said children is the real investment of the State, stressing that the locality will stand with them through supporting  allocating budget for  children  in the next State’s  budget
 Inaam Mohammed al-Tayeb, Executive Director of  Journalist for Children, stressed the importance of training media professionals so that they can play a strategic role in addressing childhood issues, noting that there are several reasons for concern for children, the most important  that children represent more than 50% of the population of Sudan
 It is worth noting that Save the Children works hand in hand with the National Council for Child Welfare (NCCW)  and civil society organizations and builds its capacity further to effectively monitor the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as well as the Child Act 2010. 
They support the NCCW to establish a child rights database, monitoring system and to develop indicators to report on the fulfillment of child rights and advocate on the realization of children rights.  They have also supported the Child Rights Institute (CRI) to establish a national child rights resource centre. They  ‘support the NCCW to continue advocating for including the child rights in the new constitution of Sudan as well as they  train and equip stakeholders to budget for children.

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