Sedik Tawir: The Former Regime Fomented Wars and Conflicts to Continue in Power

By: Al-Sammani Awadallah

Khartoum- Sovereign Council Member Dr. Sedik Tawir has accused the former regime of fomenting wars and conflicts in order to continue in power.
Addressing the closing session of the forum of sector directors of the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) Commission at the Grand Holiday Villa Hotel here yesterday, he said that bringing peace and stability is not only the responsibility of the government but also the responsibility of every Sudanese citizen in any spot, affirming endeavors of the Sovereign Council for realizing peace, especially that the Constitutional document stipulates that the first six months of the transitional period shall be devoted to achieving peace and reaching an agreement with the armed movements.
He stressed that substantial achievements have been made during the recent period in the peace file, which began with the ceasefire and the continuation of the peace process, pointing out that there are serious steps by the Sovereign Council and the Council of Ministers regarding confidence-building measures with arms holders, saying that they are steps that send messages to a number of bodies including the arms holders that the highest level of the state is keen and serious to implement what was done in the document of the Constitutional Declaration, referring in this regard to what was reached in Juba through the efforts of President Salva Kiir Mayardit.
 He said that the armed movements are partners in the change that took place in Sudan and that they are talking in the spirit of one family not for self-gains but for the interest of the Sudanese people, stressing that the other message is to the victims of conflicts in the camps that the state is serious and determined to resolve all the reasons that made them in this situation.
He added that the other message is to the regional community and partners that there is seriousness that peace shall come by Sudanese will that ends the chapter of conflict and lead to acceptance of the other.
In a statement to Sudan Vision on the procedures for the formation of the Peace Commission, the Member of the Sovereign Council said that a vision for the formation of the Commission has been prepared with the help of Sudanese experts and this perception was discussed at the last meeting of the Sovereign Council and was referred to the Legal Chancellery to add its observations and return it again prior to issuance of a decree establishing the Commission and its structures.
For his part, Commissioner of the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Commission, Major General Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Hamid, said that the participation of the member of the Sovereign Council in the final session of the forum affirms keenness of the state on the realization of peace in the homeland, noting that the DDR Commission implements peace on the ground through its programs and projects.
The forum recommended the importance that the commission shall report to the highest level of the state as it is concerned with the peace file and shall work to lead the weapons collection project and increase the financial package of the demobilized combatants to 40,000 pounds in addition to opening of DDR offices in some states.

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