Economic Vision: US$ 10 Billion to Restore Sudan Economy

The Prime Minister PM, of the Transitional Government, Abdalla Hamdok, has inherited a heavy economic load, there is no liquidity crisis, alongside the financial and trade deterioration.
The unemployment percentage has been increased to 78%, while the inflation is totaled to 70%, the matter that let us to say, Sudan is suffering from comprehensive economic destruction, the PM has a plan to save Sudan economy. The plan based on loans from the international financial institutions, but such move requires new diplomatic policy, that focuses on removing Sudan from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism, and opening the door for Sudan to introduce itself to the international community, and to correct the bad image drawn by the ousted president Al Bashir.
The PM has announced that US$ 10 billion is enough to run the transitional period by setting strong and solid economic platform, we know that lack of liquidity is one of big challenges, the PM, Hamdok said, only US$ 2 billion, will solve the liquidity crisis and stabilize the rate exchange of the national currency before US$ and other foreign currencies.
As regard to the trade and financial balance sheet, the transitional government needs US$ 8 billion, to tackle the deficit, Sudan import volume is US$ 5 billion, while the export volume is US$ 3 billion, so US$ 3 billion is the deficit, how do the PM provide the required money is the challenge that face the transitional period, some countries promised to support Sudan, and to encourage democratic trend. The International Monetary Fund IMF also promised to Support the transitional government, while France and Germany vowed to discuss with US to remove Sudan from the list of terror.
The general secretary of United Nations Security Council UNSEC has recently stated that it is a high time for the international community to free Sudan of sanctions and restricted conditions, Sudan welcome and appreciated the stances of the countries. It is an indication to happy economic future.
To encourage hard working can be the second solution; hard work means more production, Sudan need to utilize the resources and to exploit mining and oil industry.

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Economic Vision
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