Economic Vision: Diplomacy of Qualifications

Diplomacy is a distinctive high rank job. It has intimate relation in dealing with the international bilateral relations between countries worldwide. Sudanese Diplomacy has a key role in improving Sudan international relations taking into consideration the strategic, geographic situation of Sudan in linking both Afro-Arab world and the international community.
During the 30 years of the former regime Sudan regional and international relations was highly affected by the US economic sanctions. In addition to that Sudan was listed in the states sponsoring terrorism.
The new transitional government in Sudan which took power less than two months ago will face many challenges in its all components at the level the cabinet, the sovereignty council. As top list is the corruption, mismanagement of resources, mismanagement of the economy, increasing of inflation rates, and reduction and degradation of the value of the national currency.
Ministry of foreign affairs under the leadership of Ambassador Asmaa Mohamed Abdalla in Ministry of foreign affairs is the first Sudanese woman to be appointed in this position. We warmly convey our congratulations to her Excellency the Ambassador Asmaa hoping that Sudan external relations will improve during this transitional period.
We know change will never be over night, but this critical and complicated situations and files in front of her Excellency will determine patience and wisdom of real Sudanese diplomacy to manage all these internal issues.
One of these issues is the appointment in the diplomatic corporation in Sudan during the former regime. Many questions are raised about the qualifications of those who represent Sudan in this important ministry. What are the standards? Was it the scientific and academic certificates? Or it was it to a member in that ruling party which ruled Sudan for 30 years?
The ministry in need to revise all lists of those post graduates of master degrees and high distinctive academic credited certificates from the Sudanese Universities and have the right to be employed in the ministry of foreign affairs .
We hope that ministry of foreign affairs during the threes of the transitional government to be fair, transparent in employing the third secretaries, first secretaries, consultants, the middle leaders, and those at the first steps to join the ministry.
In 2017 a group of 125 of post graduates who presented their applicants to join the ministry of foreign affairs, and after passing the written exams, the oral ones and the interviews .In addition to all requirements of the jobs enabling them to be appointed at the ministry. Their applicants were refused. Nobody knows the hidden agenda or reasons beyond that refusal. They have the documents that enabling them to apply for these jobs.
We hope that her Excellency, Ambassador Asmaa to give attention and priorities to those qualified persons. They have the right in employment. We do trust in the transitional government that took power as a result of successful unique youth revolution depended on three words freedom, peace and justice as the elements of its success.

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