Moonlight: China-Africa Partnership despite Challenges

The African countries, and the continent as a whole enjoys its partnership with China, as the Asian country has set out cooperation areas, depending on the priorities of Africa, and also specificity of individual countries.
China has forged partnership and cooperation with Africa without any condition and string attached to it, the sky is the limit as far as the China-Africa cooperation and partnership is concerned.
“The importance and the vitality of, viability of the cooperation and partnership Africa has had with China, which China has proven to be a real partner and a true friend, a strategic partner and a true friend to whole African countries. It is fully committed to this strategic partnership, and Beijing will continue to do so “the sky is the limit for deeper and wider cooperation with China and Africa, African countries are very much happy to promote strategic partnership with China.
The contemporary world is going through tremendous unseen in the past century; China and Africa would continue to embrace the future with joint hands.
“Despite complicated and profound changes in international situation, China-Africa cooperation for common win is pressing head vigorously. China will preserve in the global aspiration of China-Africa cooperation and work with the African side to implement the outcomes of the FOCAC summit to build a closer community of shared future.
African countries will strengthen copulations and cooperation in international and regional affairs, and step up efforts to align development strategies so that the practical achievements will benefit more people for a bright future of China-Africa cooperation.
The two parties have exerted efforts to sustain the commendable relations between them through critical appraisal for practical applications.
Africa-China relations have evolved through various phases, lending these relations an inherent characteristic that is well integrated in the overall makeup of the partnership. The relationship has acquired new vigor and meaning along the way, and it has adapted to emerging challenges and realities. Sustaining these commendable relations through critical appraisal of a long-standing tradition of respectful coexistence with due consideration for practical applications, remains essential. Over the decades, China-Africa cooperation is growing increasingly successful. Given the deep mutual trust between the two sides, their friendship has been time-tested and the fruits of their cooperation can be seen across the African continent through the various development projects that have been rolled out. Africa should seize the opportunity brought about by the expo to create demand for the products they produce, which is likely to correct the trade imbalance in Sino-African bilateral trade. At the same time, they can benefit from welcoming different Chinese companies to invest in Africa.
Beijing is ready and willing to help Africa materialize its dream of industrialization and correct the trade deficit. The Chinese presence in Africa is particularly evident in the construction, oil exploration and mining sectors, as well as in the importation of goods. However, Chinese companies have worked hard and seriously in material to increase production in the continent. Furthermore, the Chinese presence is very important in Africa It is not enough for African governments to exploit Chinese (or other foreign) companies, they must also ensure that foreign companies’ participation forms part of a development strategy that accounts for the real costs of investments and their long-term impact. Then –and only then– can we consider whether China is actually an opportunity for African countries or whether the financial support granted to Chinese companies during the last Forum on China-Africa Cooperation will benefit African development finally whether this really is a win-win partnership.

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