Wake-up Call: WWIII around the Corner

Willian Jay Carr (June 1895 – October 1959) was a Canadian, English born Naval officer, author, conspiracy theorist wrote a book in 1955 titled Pawns in the Game. He wrote in that book about the role of the clandestine organization – ILLUMINATI – in igniting the two World Wars. ILLUMINATI is derived from Lucifer and means (holders of the light). Formed by the German Professor Adam Weishaupt in 1776 and later worked in coordination with the other secret organization (Free Masonry). Both organizations call for one government to rule the world. Both do not believe in religions and borders.
He mentioned that WWI was ignited to burn the rule of the religious system of CZARS in Russia. The outcome of WWI was the ousting of CZARS and the birth of Communist Rule after the success of the Russian Revolution of 1917 led by Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin.
WWI also planned and ignited by the ILLUMINATI to uproot the NAZIS and their leader Hitler.
Jay Carr derived deduced from the circumstances of the two previous two world wars that the Third World War will have its epicenter in the Middle East with the intention of eradicating political Islam and the Global Muslim Brotherhood Movement which is believed to be the hub of the Global Terrorism with Iran and Turkey as the main sponsors. What is happening now in the Middle East regions strengthen the prediction of Jay Carr. Dangerous tug-of-war between America and Iran, America, Turkey, America-Russia in the conflict and civil war of Syria, Libyan wars, Yemen war, Iraq turmoil, Algeria demonstrations and Qatar alignment with Turkey and Iran. All of those turbulences make the region very vulnerable to wide range single war.
Sudan is not far from this dangerous epicenter of a potential global war. A weak Sudan will be a lame-duck and prey of hostile warring big predators like America, UK, Germany and France from one side, Russia and China from the other side. Sudan will be targeted by virtue of its strategic location and its vast and diversified natural resources.
All of the above mentioned potential and likely to happen scenarios drive me to send three sincere messages:
1. To Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC):
a. Work in full cooperation with the military partner shrouded by trust which in turn should be reciprocated by the military partners.
b. Work in transparency and diligence.
c. Avoid exclusion of innocent members of the ousted NCP who did not commit any crimes of corruption, killing or torture.
d. Quick plans to alleviate the hardships of price hikes and low incomes.
e. Prompt trials of all convicted in crimes of killings, especially the perpetrators of the sit-in killings.
f. Serious and genuine plans to call for a national reconciliation.
g. Hard and sincere work in reaching a sustainable inclusive and comprehensive peace agreement with all factions of the military insurgence.
2. NCP and Islamic Movement:
a. All clean bona fide members of NCP should join and positively respond to any reconciliatory call from the government.
b. Stop any hostile rhetoric or fiery statements.
c. Start preparations for running the coming free elections after the transitional period by forming a new party with a new meaningful name and new modified ideology other than that of the Global Muslim Brotherhood, as it is definitely outdated and rejected by all developed nations.
3. Abdulwahid Nur and Al-Hilu
Both are strong leaders and both have active troops and occupied turf:
a. Treat the chance of a new youth revolution with respect and trust as it represents a leap into a totally difference era led by smart young and fresh brains of a generation exposed to the world.
b. Do not put hurdles in their path as they are already wading in the swamps and moving sands of the deeply rooted ousted regime.
c. As for the other factions, we call upon them to rise to impeding challenges by stopping the endeavours to have a bite on the power cake. Join hands with the revolutionaries and prepared your members for a new transparent general elections after the transitional period.

Omer Bakri Abu Haraz

Wake-up Call
E.mail: oba@haggar-cec.com
Omer Bakri Abu Haraz

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Omer Bakri Abu Haraz

Omer Bakri Abu Haraz

Wake-up Call E.mail: oba@haggar-cec.com

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