Moonlight: Peace Is the Key Word of Stability and Security

Comprehensive peace is considered the key word of stability and security and it contributes in achieving sustainable development, and also assists on free competition in increasing production and productivity and the then it creates an appropriate atmosphere for exchanging opinions and conceptions, and encourages the communication process in order to develop the social relationships between the individuals of the community and strengthen the connection and harmony with in the society.
Now the opportunity provided for us that to work hand – in – hand for achieving the comprehensive peace in our beloved country Sudan which facing a great complex challenges targeting its stability and security. The great challenges represent in imposed long wars and conflicts that shaking the stabilization of the citizens who live in war-affected areas. The wars have negative results most of the people who live in these areas become homeless because they abandon their real lands behind due to the imposed wars intend to shake Sudan’s security and stability.
All of us should assist and encourage the transitional government and support its efforts, which call for achieving peace in all parts of the country in general and war –affected areas in particular. The transitional civilian government keens and serious to put an end for wars and realize peace so that we should put our hands with it in order to silenced the sound of the gun and say goodbye to war that stopped the sustainable development’s route and lost the confidence among the Sudanese people who suffer a long time from the war and conflicts.
The transitional government efforts towards peace is important step so that we should give the full- support and work together for reaching the goal end, now we demanded to strengthen the domestic front to face current challenges because the responsibility concerns every individual lives in Sudan. Our responsibility is to protect our land from destruction and keep our social fabric and will be a strong shield before the foreign interventions in our domestic affairs this do not come true unless the comprehensive peace cover all the parts of the Sudan.
In upcoming period the matter demanded from us to exert an effort and put our hands in one glove to implement the revolution’s emblems freedom, peace and justice so that peace is an important in the transitional period if we succeed in making peace we can look for development and promote our infrastructure and increase production and productivity, the crucial matter is that how to enhance the soul of cooperation and integration in order to protect our social fabric, and keep our unification and create suitable climate for coexistence.
Now our country Sudan has witnessed political transformation after youth glorious revolution breaking out that put the solid ground for practicing the democracy and freedom without impediments, so that peace is one of the revolution’s emblem, which became a symbol of pride for all the Sudanese people who participated in the historical revolution.

Ahmed Hassan Omer (Hurga)

Ahmed Hassan Omer (Hurga)


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