Talk of the Hour: It Is All About Delisting Sudan’s Name from Terrorism

No two wise persons are to disagree that the consent of US to remove Sudan’s name from the list of state sponsors of terrorism is a key factor to accessibility globally, especially economically and financially. In order for the other nations to deal directly with Sudan, they need to have had the green light from US initially, before to engage in adopting any kind of measure. If something as such will never to materialize, then, they are to prepare themselves for severe punishment accordingly.
However, despite earnest calls to US from everywhere universally to remove the country from the terrorist list, but, to no avail. Below are many entities who are to appeal to US to change its mind to allow Sudan to join the international community unrestrictedly; therefore, the realization of cooperation worldwide and in all domains, especially economically and financially. There is Sudan’s premier, Dr. Abdalla Hamdok who travels to US recently to attend the 47th session of UN general assembly. While there, he discusses with the others many issues, particularly the removal of Sudan’s name from the list of states that sponsor terrorism.
Further, the premier goes on to say that the Sudanese are so innocent to be described as the terrorists, pointing out that the ones who deserves to be labeled with such a bad trait are the adherents of the former regime whom the Sudanese have initiated their revolution against; thus, it is unfair to be held accountable for sins they have never committed.
Minister of foreign affairs, Asmaa Mohamed Abdalla reveals that she would be the happiest person if she and the other colleagues in the transitional government are to succeed in the removal of Sudan’s name from the countries that sponsor terrorism as well as the cancellation of debts.
Likewise, there is the minister of finance, Dr. Ibrahim Al Badawi, who argues that US has its own reasons to delay removal of Sudan from the terror blacklist- to verify first that the civilian government effectively rules the country, going on to desire that US will hopefully to change its mind by delisting the country from the sponsor states of terrorism.
He further goes on to disclose of a meeting to be held in Washington which is to involve the friends of Sudan, Arabs and Westerners, with the aim of provision of support before it is to be removed from the area of terrorism.
In the same manner, Rebecca Hamilton, an associate professor at the American University Washington College of Law, wrote an article published by the Washington Post supporting the cancellation of Sudan’s designation as a state terror.
The Norwegian prime minister, Erna Solberg, stresses that they have pledged to help Sudan by having its name got removed from the list of terrorism, cancellation of debts and normalization of relations with the international institutions, pointing out that they do consider Sudan as the partner in both peace and reforms, especially economically.
Former US president, Jimmy Carter, happens to address the incumbent US President, Donald Trump, like this; ‘move now to give the democracy of Sudan a chance by removing it from the list of the terrorist states. ‘If not, then, the government of Hamdok will be exposed to and plagued with dangers whose manifestation is the continuation of economic deprivation that will prevail to culminate again into frustration’.
Also, Antonio Gutterres, UN Secretary General, calls for the repealing of sanctions imposed on Sudan as a terrorist country, pleading that all resources should be mobilized to overcome the miserable economic situation it is in now. ‘If such a thing is not to materialize, then we are to risk losing the gains that are realized so far, especially in the sphere of democracy and human rights’. Chairperson of the African union commission, Musa Faki, affirms continuation of efforts on their part to let the international partners remove Sudan from the list of the sponsor states of terrorism. Ibrahim Al ‘Asaf, foreign minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), says that KSA is to exert utmost efforts to remove Sudan’s name from themcountries that sponsor terrorism, adding that KSA and based on new plans, has the desire to get engaged into many investment projects there. Delightedly, almost all the presence at the UN general assembly in New York, have unanimously agreed to support Sudan and its peaceful revolution, just urging Washington to remove immediately the name of Sudan from the list of sponsor states of terrorism.
And prof. Al Fatih Mahjoub, director of Al Rasid centre, who talks about the measures to help Sudan get out from the quagmire of the terrorism, telling regrettably that there are not working American companies here in Sudan. ‘If there is, sure they are to exercise pressure US, to preserve and protect their interests.

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