Economic Vision: Cement Industry in Sudan; Self-sufficiency

Agriculture, livestock, mineral resources and industry are the pillars through which Sudan economy can develop, and before that the human resource. Today we shed light on one of these strategic industries expect to play a key role in the national economy.
Cement industry is one of the strategic industries generating other industries in Sudan. It is the first industry witness great development for it is related mainly with the establishing of the first development project in the field of energy and irrigation in Sudan. This was simultaneously was the establishing of Mukwar factory to provide the requirements of Sennar Dam.
This was followed by establishing Atabra Cement factory in 1947 in the River Nile State; with a productivity of 400,000 tons, then Rabak Cement in 1970 with a productivity of 100,000 tons. The total productivity of the two factories failed to satisfy the actual need for such importance industry.
This led to the expansion in cement industry by developing and increasing the production. That was not enough to face the increase in population and development in the field of architectures and constructions.
Other cement factories were established in the River Nile state to cover the local need and to export to neighboring countries, and the world . October 2008 new investments were entered Sudan beginning with al salam for Cement followed by 5 other factories in the River Nile State providing cement for local use and to export.
These factories had been established as partnerships between the national local side of the government or Sudanese companies owned by the government during the former regime that ruled Sudan 30 years, and foreign investors taking Al Takmul factory as Sudanese-Egyptian partnership.
Despites these six factories, but Sudan still importing cement from Egypt and Jordan. Such investments should take into consideration the mutual benefits for the two sides. The employment of staff working in the factory should be according to qualification and experience. Sudan is preceded many countries in the world in this field.
The investment act should pay attention to the mutual benefits of the two sides. The agreements being signed between the two sides should put into consideration that Sudan is the focal point in controlling and managing most of the product and export processes. Importing of the spare parts that expected to be in local currency not in hard currency.
Such investments in this strategic industry expect to provide social services to the local communities in the areas where these factories were established. To transform Sudan from the self-sufficiency to exporting Country in the field of these strategic industries .
The economic development sector at cabinet discussed last week the revision of investment act. We hope that his excellency the Prime minister ,Dr Abd Allah Hamdok and his staff will a lead a campaign not to revise the invest act , but to curb the corruption in the economic institutions and bodies , this corruption which begin through facilities given to the foreign investors . Corruption begins with small sparkle these facilities.
Cement industry expect to pay a major role in the national economy. Its contribution should be very clear in the GDP.
Many questions come in mind, Despites its rich resources represented in to minerals, cement industry, but it is described as one the last developed state.
We convey our message to the Governor of the River Nile to revise the investment act concerning his state and to stand on the real beneficiaries of establishing all these cement factories. To discuss seriously with the health sector the environmental issues and the silent diseases that killing people at these areas.
We spotlight on this issue hoping that the transitional government, Sovereignty Council, Council of ministers, the concerned bodies to find a way out for such threats to the Sudanese economy . Let us enjoy better future for Sudan under the umbrella of the three words of freedom, peace and justice.

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