FFC Say they would Submit Emergency Program to PM Soon

By: Zuleikha Abdul Raziq

Khartoum- The Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) have announced that the policies and emergency program for the transitional period are now ready and that they would submit it to the Prime Minister in the coming days.
Spokesman of the coordination office of FFC Wagdi Saleh affirmed in a statement to Sudan Vision yesterday that the emergency program has been ready before the downfall of Al Bashir’s regime, but he indicated that they haven’t submitted it to Prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdok because they have been engaged in its updating prior to handing it over to the Prime Minister.
The Prime Minister stressed Monday that he had not received an emergency program for the transitional period from FFC and that he did not want to blame any party, noting that he wanted work to continue.
Dr. Hamdok explained in a meeting with the Sudanese Community in Saudi Arabia Sunday that he had met with the FFC Central Council last Saturday and asked for an emergency program and the program of policies for the transitional period, but he hasn’t received any response, adding that the Council of Ministers has resorted to mapping out a program from the Constitutional document and the Declaration of Freedom and Change.
The Prime Minister pointed out that he asked the Minister of Information to highlight the issue of peace in the media, as ending the war is a priority for the transitional government.
Hamdok disclosed that a joint meeting of the Sovereign Council and the Council of Ministers would approve these policies as the two councils undertake the tasks of issuing the legislations prior to formation of the legislative council.

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