SDGs 200,000 Microfinance to the farmers

By: Neimat al Naiem

Khartoum- Osman Isaa Shreef, minister of agriculture and forests declared increasing of micro finance to SDGs 200,000 to the farmers encouraging them to increase product and productivity . The minister disclosed the solving of micro finance problem explaining that will realize self-sufficiency and ripping the bill of importing wheat crop. Besides reducing product cost to the farmers.
Shreef pointed in his field visit on Sunday, to the summer crop season and the readiness for the winter season at Gezira scheme. He noted to the importance of strong partnership between his ministry and the producers to create strong base to transform technology to increase product and productivity in a correct way enabling Gezira scheme to return to its glorious history.
In addition to providing food security, increasing agricultural exports through coordinating between the ministry of agriculture and research and the particiaptions of the concerned bodies as essential partner with the producer in Gezira scheme to increase product and productivity.

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