Aisha Musa Opens the Photo Gallery of the Revolution

Sudan Vision

Khartoum – Aisha Musa, a member of the Sovereign Council confirmed that the Sudanese revolution reflected the greatness of Sudanese women to the world with her brother men and all the youth of Sudan through the great December Revolution.
This came during the opening of the exhibition of images of women in the Sudanese revolution organized by the Strategic Initiative for Women of the Horn of Africa, in the presence of the Minister of Culture and Information, Faisal Mohamed Saleh.
Aisha said that Sudanese women have proved their revolutionary strength, political ability and scientific rights because they have been able to continue the march of great women in the history of Sudan since colonialism, pointing out that Sudanese women have continued their lives to pride and dignity and in all aspects of social life through the glorious December revolution, stressing that the picture will completed only by women.
Aisha explained that Sudanese women struggled to live in areas of conflict and war that culminated in a great revolution for the Sudanese people.
The Minister of Culture and Information, Faisal Mohamed Saleh praised the organizers of this great work, which is the beginning of a great work coming to document the great Sudanese revolution, stressing that the role of Sudanese women in the December Revolution was not hidden to any one.

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