Ministry of Industry and Trade Discusses Regional Transport Agreement

By / Khalda Elias

Khartoum – Director of the Department of International and Regional Agreements and Representative of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Nader Al Rayah Awad called for the need to facilitate crossing trade an transport.
Addressing the workshop on conventions, laws and regulations for transboundary transport, in coordination with the Department of International and Regional Agreements at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Free Trade Zone and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Awad stressed the importance of the workshop and that it aims to raise awareness within the framework of reflection on the convention of vehicle load and regional transit agreement, an harmonization of these conventions, regulations and accompanying laws..
For his part, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Roads and Bridges, Dr. Ahmed Gassem Mohamed Hassan said that Sudan is a wide country linked by land with neighboring countries..
The workshop recommended that the agreements should be adopted through the ministerial meeting of ministers of transport and infrastructure to approve the documents before being approved in the three regions legally and then submitted to the heads of state for approval, and that the European Union Commission to provide future technical assistance as financiers of regional programs for the development of transport..

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