Al-Burhan Calls on the US Administration to Consider the Positive Developments and Remove Sudan from the Terrorism List

By / Zuleikha Abdul Razeq

Khartoum – Chairman of the Transitional Sovereign Council, First Lieutenant General Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan called on the United States of America to consider the positive developments in the Sudanese political arena and work to remove Sudan from the terrorism list.
Al-Burhan met, here yesterday, with the new US Chargé d’Affaires to Sudan, Brian Shukan, where the meeting focused on the important issues, top of which removing Sudan from the terrorism list.
 For her part, Ambassador Maha Abu Bakr, Director of the North American Department at the Foreign Ministry, said that the meeting discussed the relations between Sudan and the United States and the arrangements for lifting sanctions on Sudan, and touched on the problems where Sudan did not reach solutions with the US administration, most notably the presence of Sudan on the terrorism list, pointing out that this issue constitutes a major obstacle and hinders all the ongoing measures to attract aid, support, and exempt Sudan’s debts and deal with foreign banks and companies, adding that as long as Sudan remains on this list it cannot achieve those goals.
She said that the Chairman of the Transitional Sovereign Council explained to the US ambassador that the world is waiting for the US administration’s step to remove Sudan from this list, which he considered as detracts from the credibility of the revolution and the great efforts made by Sudan in the fight against corruption, prosecution of crimes and changing of laws.
She added that US Chargé d’Affaires Brian Shukan responded to all questions and inquiries, noting that his country’s authorities are seeking to solve these problems, but pointed out that it takes time and change some laws and other procedures related to some US circles that want to make sure the seriousness of the revolution.

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