Consultative Workshop on Assessment SOP Children Who Exposed of Recruitment Convenes

By: Haffiya Elyas

Khartoum – The Secretary of the Secretariat for Emergency and Armed Conflict at the National Council for Child Welfare (NCCW), Mohamed Hussain said yesterday at the Consultative Workshop on Assessment  Standard Operating procedures (SOP )Children Who Exposed of Recruitment in collaboration with UNICEF, said the aim of  the workshop to provide feedback session on the outcomes of the vertication , released transitional  care ,community based reintegration of children associated with Sudan Armed Forces . 

 He stated that the workshop also aim to adopt the age vertication SOPs and processes and build the capacity of the stakeholders on age vertication workshop/training session for UN colleagues and the technical committee members ,also expected that tools  to be used as a guide for the security forces in Sudan during recruitment operations in order to prevent the recruitment of children, especially in cases where the correct identity documents are not available or there are doubts about the validity of the information provided, or physical appearance, and these tools can be used when there are doubt  about the  age

 He said that the Standard Operating Procedures ( SOP) were developed in collaboration with the Sudanese security forces, NCCW  and the Family and Child Protection Unit with the support of UNICEF and UNAMID

 UNICEF Protection Officer, Bakry Sogoba pointed out to  the  positive role of the Sudanese government towards the Protection of children in armed conflicts

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