A plan Set to Fund Agriculture

Sudan Vision

The ministry of Agriculture has prepared an action plan including establishment of specialized funds to agriculture and formation of a mechanism to observe organizing farmers and agricultural product producers and training them to use modern technology and fertilizers, said the Minister of Agriculture and Forests Eysia Othman Sharif who affirmed that, the minister discussed last week at his office with acting Wali (governor) of North Darfur state, Maj (Gen) Malik Al Tayeb the means of reviving pioneer projects in the state and promotion of agricultural sector.
The minster gave directives for involving academicians and Agricultural Research Corporation to enter modern technology and preserving environment through forest belts and give keenness to Gum Arabic.
 For his part the Wali of the state briefed the minister on the efforts exerted by north Darfur government represented in availing inputs such as pesticides, improved seeds, gasoline and so on a thing that contributed in a successful agricultural season.

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