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Media in Sudan plays a crucial role to provide good media service to government and communities, media history in Sudan backed to 1930s during the colonialism era, throughout this long time media contributed to raise up political, social, cultural and economic awareness, in this essay I want to show how printing media provide professional media coverage to events, editorial policy is a major pillar that governs the all types of writing, then, the editorial meeting which discuss what type of issues required to be tackled, in this case the professional reporters read the stories published by all the media houses and analyze the news through reports, investigative reports, interviews and opinions to enable readers to understand the events, the other thing is the dividing of reporters into “Beats” ministries, parliament, the cabinet, republican palace and the all public and private business and financial houses, each reporter is responsible for a certain beat to be accounted before the editor in chief or the desk editors who always divided into newsroom, political, economic, social, cultural and investigative departments.
All reporters were required to follow the events in his beat, to report news and to develop the events according to the three stages, before, during and after, in Sudan newspapers were considered as a research centers that record the history and document for political, social, economical and cultural movements, the function of media in Sudan is not only to cover events, but also to generate information.
As regard to international news, the ministry of foreign affairs “communication bureau” in collaboration with the representatives of media houses who authorized to cover the activities of foreign affairs discuss on the what type of news that serve the public interest. The two parts follow the news that published by regional and international media about Sudan, every day the spokesperson brief media on the activities of the ministry of foreign affairs, this happen because covering diplomatic news is one of the sensitive issues that required “professionalism”.
Media Professionalism Feedback:
The outcome of media operation should contribute to the improvement and development, in Sudan media provides advisory services to the government and officials, for instance, the investigative reports and opinions always focus on issues of peoples’ daily life, media plays the role of monitors, so newspapers convey the performance of the ministries of health, education, electricity and other infrastructures, and the government always responds to the media suggestions and proposals, in Sudan media share the same duties of parliament in monitoring, the politicians depend on media to take decisions, the journalists are public opinion leaders, their impact on public affairs make audience and communities trust them more than officials and politicians, because newspapers facilitate the job of governments by linking ordinary people who disable to meet the president, media convey and send their messages, to submit requests through media to officials is basic service and main job carries by newspapers and even TVs in Sudan, media in Sudan enjoys its rights as the forth power share same authorities with (executive, judiciary and parliamentary ).

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