Now, Sudan Is in A State of Connectedness Externally, Especially Economically and Financially

By Ahmed Ibrahim Ballal

In order to beautify the image of Sudan, especially economically and financially, premier Hamadok is noticed to engage into many visits worldwide. For instance, now, he is expected to go to US and to meet with US president Donald Trump, to discuss many issues, especially economically and the removal of the country from the sponsor states of terrorism.
Recently, Hamadok has visited Brussels, the capital of the European Union (EU). There, he is welcomed warmly-a situation that is not without gestures; a green light for Sudan to get integrated smoothly into the international community.
The manifestation of the visit is this; pledges to pump in deposits in billions of dollars, provision of 55 million Euros to be used for humanitarian purposes and promises to support the side of Sudan to get freed from the grip of terrorism.
However, the visit is a very much credit to Sudan and its new government that is characterized by being civilian and democratic. It comes after a long time of boycott politically and economically. In the recent history, no Sudanese official, except Hamadok, to be warmly welcomed by European top officials, especially the EU’s commissioner general.
By all measures, the visit of Hamdok constitutes a genuine breakthrough in Sudan’s relations externally, which availed him the chance to meet with all the 28 members of EU.
Unlike past times, the easy accessibility presently to EU is much justified; now Sudan, especially after the revolution, is a civilian and democratic country genuinely.
Because of this, now EU views Sudan as the much trusted country to play much more significant roles, locally, regionally and even globally, especially in the domains of illegal immigration and terrorism which constitute a real threat and headache to the stability to the region whose adverse repercussion may even extend to reach the North of the Mediterranean sea.
Delightedly, the visit takes place in an environment favorably-not being faced by the least sort of impediment to retard. On the contrary, it is even consolidated further by the Trump administration who announces that Sudan and despite the fact that it is being incorporated in the terrorism list, it can deal freely with the other nations without any constraints.
In addition to this, payment of Sudan for US$ 3 billion to the creditors in order to have accessibility to loans, is no longer a condition and/or a detrimental factor.
It is worth mentioning that premier Hamadok happens to disclose that his government is in bad need of US$ 10 billion if for the country’s economy is to stand up righteously on its own two feet. The response positively to this comes from everywhere. Besides the Europeans, there are the Arabs and the Africans.
The Arab monetary fund has donated US$ 305 million to strengthen economically the Sudan’s transitional government.
And the African bank for development which extends a grant to the tune of US$ 32.8 million to Sudan which is intended to consolidate its position in many areas such as rural development and alleviation of poverty.
The foreign factor aside, some Sudanese citizens locally do see that the US$ 10 billion that premier Hamadok asks for, can be provided wholly by the Sudanese, domestically or just in the Diaspora. They go even further to address him like this;’ O dear Hamdok, just open an account in the central bank of Sudan and you are to see how cooperative generously the Sudanese are. The amount that is to salvage the country’s economically will be collected in no time’.
In conclusion, we can say this; if premier Hamadok’s visit to US is to triumphantly materialize, it will be a key factor to all goodness broadly, especially if it is to succeed in the removal of Sudan’s name from the sponsor countries of terrorism. All the others, especially the developed nations, will be noticed as dealing with it unrestrictedly and in all domains, especially economically and finacially.

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