Sudan, South Sudan, Discuss 0il Cooperation Agreement

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Sudan and South Sudan on Thursday viewed an oil agreement, the two countries extended the previous agreement to March, 2022. While the current agreement expires on November the 30th 2019..
The two sides have also agreed to continue the technical work for the second stage of 5A fields and reached understanding to operate unity, Toma and Saluth fields.
The Undersecretary at the Ministry of Energy and Mining Dr. Hamid Suleiman Hamid said the discussions between the two sides focused on extension of the agreement for transporting South Sudan crude oil via Bashair and Petronas companies’ pipelines. The oil will pumped for export from Sudanese terminals in Red Sea besides following up the implementation of the agreement signed in 2012 .
Dr.Hamid praised the high spirit of cooperation between the technical and leaders of the two teams  and high level of understandings shown during the negotiations.
It is to be noted that South Sudan delegation led by Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil arrived  in Khartoum on Monday and engaged in meetings with their Sudanese counterpartsn.

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