What a Man Can Do, a Woman Can Do just as Well

Life is essentially based on equality. There is day, and also there is night, there is life and death on the other side. Thus, there are equal divisions between the blacks and the whites. Human beings arenít an exception. The division then is between man and woman. Though, man is itself means both sexes .Yes, ëmaní without any article; whether definite or indefinite means human beings in general, i.e. it means all the sons of Adam , irrespective of their sex . So, no preference at all to one sex over the other. But, does a man believe in this? No, in fact not.
A man is really a very selfish creature. He sees himself in the lofty; he couldnít easily confess this issue of equality. In fact, he feels brag about his physical structure; his muscles, moustache, and his obstinate big head. He rates himself as the first class citizen while he rates a woman as a creature just queuing after him.
In ancient times, women were so belittled. They were seen as trivial creatures, and they were created for just one single purpose, this is beside taking the household, and arranging the kitchen. Women, in fact, are efficient engineers in home activities, their fingerprints can easily be seen in tiding up the whole house, and they could place even the tiniest thing in its proper place, but a man in this respect is almost always careless, he misplaces things all through. He is, in most cases so oblivious, but a sieve, things slip out of his ragged memory.
Now, in this era of gender equality, a woman can do what a man can. She can can a can in a can. In fact, she can eat what she can, and can, what she canít. Sorry! To drag you into this tongue – twisters, but it is so to speak; a woman now can do very miraculous things. She can fly a plane, play football matches even better than man, fight hard in the army, take meticulously all kinds of offices, and work as a police – officer, and of course, a business-woman, a woman who can even run excellent businesses. Am I right? Yes, a business-man woman. Hey! This is not a mistake, I mean here; a woman whose job is to carry out a manís activity. Yes! She is doing a he job, and vice versa, a man could also do a she ñ friendly job. Things are now mixed up. What a pity! A lot of young ladies are now seen in trousers, which are men wear, but do men think of womení things? They might purchase bras. Who knows! It might happen.
It is not strange to see that women show brilliance in doing men jobs. Take football again an example of what women can do as well as men. We have all seen the efficiency of the fair-sex in doing that thing, even they are better than men in showing great manners in the fair-play .They donít shout at the referee, or complain and protest. They just play! Havenít you seen the left wing and that great striker of the Pioneers team? Awful! I am a great fan of that. I support that team.
At driving, women have shown great skills. They can even keep driving while talking on their cell phones. Now, they drive their own machines, they donít need any chauffeur. It is noticeable, these days; the number of women drivers exceeds that of men. But, contrary to men, they donít give any lift; even to their sex.
Women now have gained a lot many things that used to be prohibited. Now, they have ëWomen Rightsí, they can vote, they share in demonstrations and riots , they organize the Mrs. World celebration, they have the title of the ëFirst Womaní, and at home she hears much of ëmy sweet heartí, and lovers call them ëmy mummy sugarí. Women, in fact, have more titles than men. In spite of this, womenís faults are many, but men have only two, everything they say, and everything they do.
Nevertheless, men and women are now in the same boat. Incidentally, in the coming of the new train as a means of transportation in Khartoum; can we say they are in the same train? Fantastic! And if a woman misses the train, can she say: I missed the train? Hopefully that she will not miss the other train.
The bottom line then, is that: ìWhat a man can do, a woman can do just as wellî. Woman without her, man is nothing, and woman without her man, is nothing, too. This is in my opinion.

Dr. Kirya Ahmed

Email: kiryafa7@gmail.com
Dr. Kirya Ahmed

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Dr. Kirya Ahmed

Dr. Kirya Ahmed

Email: kiryafa7@gmail.com

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