Economic Vision: Restore Sudan Economy

The recent change in Sudan has put everything on the right track, the major issue is “Economic Reform”, people want to reap the fruit of the “Revolution” within day and night, and they press the Transitional Government, to solve the crisis of liquidity, fuels, bread and transportation today before tomorrow.
It takes a long time to do so, the age of the government is nearly 4 months, while the old of the ousted regime is 30 years, so it takes a long time to remove and to eradicate the impact of the old governance, many hot issues on the table, the transitional period is about 3 years, how do politicians and military leaders prioritize the goals of the revolution is the real challenge.
People should know that things will be changed gradually, which means that Sudan economy will improve at least, after the transitional government, the time now is for building the organizational structure of the state, alongside the constitution.
As regard to the criminals, should have to be accountable for their crimes, according to the law, the revolutionists want a total change within short time, the real change will happen after the elections, the democratic era can reshape Sudan and order the economic system.
Sudan has assets and finance used to invest by spoilers in different countries, billions of US$ banned in one of Arab countries, while other US$ 62 millions in Malaysia, but the Malaysian government announced its responsibility to hand the money to the democratic elected government after the end of the transitional period, people must be patient, but the expected civilian government can utilize the existed resources to the short term requirements.
The security forces were ordered to chase those who committed financial crimes and abused the public fund, this move will contribute positively to liquidity crisis, any how the issue is not as easy as we hope, it needs patience.

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