FFC: Failure to Solve the Economic Problem will Not Make the Government Continue

By / Sudan Vision

Khartoum – Leading figure of the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC), Khaled Omer Yousef said that the success of the revolution and the transitional government depend on its contribution to solving the economic hardship, saying, “If we do not succeed in solving the economic problem, the transitional government will not continue and there will be no democratic solution in the country”.
Yousef said, in an economic forum in the Friendship Hall organized by the Sudanese employers entitled “The shared vision between the private sector and the transitional government” yesterday evening, said that the solution to the economic problem exists inside and not abroad, pointing out that the exploitation of resources will enable the state to be independent in its decision, indicating the importance of utilizing resources owned by Sudan, stressing the need to combat corruption, accusing the former regime of excluding national capital from investing in productive sectors and encouraging it to parasitic and affluent activities.
For his part, the head of the investment body, Heba Mohamed Ali revealed a review of the corruption file and some approved investments.

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