Filmmaking for Children Initiative in Partnership with UNICEF

By: Neimat al Naiem

Khartoum-Filmmaking for Children In initiative is working nowadays to launch the edition 5th season films to train children on making films in Darfur five States. The initiative trained more than 150 Children at the IDPs, at schools, centers of Children Development, Children in different status, street children, disabled children and children in Khalwas; the initiative title by Children and For Children.
Mussab Hassuona the Director of the films stated to Sudan Vision the completion of the edition of the 5th season. He shed light on the idea of establishing the initiative of filmmaking for children as partnership with UNICEF.
He pointed to that supporting peace for the sake of children is basic value that led to the edition of the 5th season of films for children according to the requirements and priorities of the transitional period.
The film show should be presented next Friday 13th December 2019 at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum. He added the films discuss different topics and ideas.
Hassuona explained that launching of the film is simultaneously with the first Anniversary of December revolution which kicked from the different States and the Blue Nile State, and the leading role of children in the revolution and change in Sudan.
It is worth mentioning that the idea for this initiative carried out by Mussab Hassuona the director of the film in January 2015 .It came to provide a platform for children to express their dreams , problems through Cinema ; the seventh Art. It has many objectives represented into enhancing the participation of Children to ensure their rights in expressing their views and opinions through the movies.
Filmmaking for children is an industry needs special skills and talented children, and before needs real support from the State at its higher levels.

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