Sudanese Professionals Associations: We have Documents Proving Corruption in Professional Associations and Unions

By / Najat Ahmed

Khartoum – The Sudanese Professionals Association announced its full support for the law of dismantling the last Regime, calling for the speedy issuance of the decision to dissolve the unions.
The spokesperson for the Sudanese Professionals Association, Mohamed Nagy Al-Asam said, in a press conference yesterday, that the law came late, calling for speeding up the decisions to dissolve the unions, indicating that they have been hijacking the will of union action and stand with the previous regime against workers’ issues, stressing the need to dissolve them.
Al-Asam revealed that they possess many documents confirming that there is systemic corruption in a number of these unions, saying that they handed over a number of documents to the Attorney General to freeze the assets of professional and trade unions, calling on the masses of the Sudanese people to engage in the union process after an absence of thirty years, pledging to publish the new union draft law.
He said that the cadres of the NCP are promoting for December march, indicating that the Sudanese people will not respond to them.

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