Al-Boushi: Sudan was Able to Achieve Greatest achievements in Human Rights Field by Signing the Constitutional Document

By / Najat Ahmed

Khartoum – Minister of Youth and Sports, Wala Al-Boushi said that Sudan, despite the challenges, managed to achieve the greatest achievements in this year in the field of human rights, as the constitutional document eliminated all forms of discrimination and was based on the principle of citizenship as an inclusive basis for all Sudanese.
Addressing the opening session of the celebration of International Human Rights Day here yesterday, Al-Boushi pointed to the abolition of the Public Order Law, which was a tool for the most abhorrent types of violations, and a set of legal reforms that will be presented soon by the Ministry of Justice to remove all legal articles that were a clear violation of human rights, noting Sudan celebrates the International Day of Human Rights while breathing freedom and change, and that Sudan is in an exceptional situation that needs action from all to preserve human rights and achieve sustainable development.
She pointed out that the month of December is the month of the revolution and the commemoration of the revolution, where its slogan was freedom, peace and justice, and that the slogan of this day, the youth of Sudan together for the defense of human rights, stressing that peace should be the concern during the coming period and that all should stand with our people in displacement and refugee camps.
For his part, Director of the United Nations Office for Human Rights Training and Documentation, Abdul Salam Sayed Ahmed called on the international community and governments to advocate for young people to participate and be represented in decision-making positions, stressing the ability of young people to support sustainable development for eradicating of poverty and hunger.

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